UI provides a world class research and teaching activities that help both students and faculty-staff to achieve the highest level of educational quality internationally. Academic, extracurricular and other resources are designed to prepare them for the highest positions of leadership and lives in many fields of service of global human endeavor. Our commitment is consistently developing a community of learning that continues to evolve, providing abundant opportunities to talented students from around the world.

Covering a comprehensive scientific disciplines and academic programs, UI becomes one of the most comprehensive educational institutions in the world. The first academic activities was started in 1849, today UI continues the heritage of innovation and invention throughout international research and teaching programs. Supported by world class academic environment, UI generates the ideas and knowledge to become one of the most prestigious universities that has the highest academic atmospheres in the world. Briefly, UI is made up of three principal academic clusters; science and technology, social sciences and humanities, and health sciences. World class research and academic activities are extended into a broad area of faculties and academic programs. For example, cluster of science and technology is composed by several faculties such as Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Public Health, and Faculty of Nursing. Cluster of Science and Technology is also consisted of several faculties like Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, Faculty of Engineering, and Faculty of Computer Science. The last cluster is the cluster of Social Science and Humanities which is composed by several faculties for example Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Psychology, and Faculty of Social Science and Politics.