Green Campus

Global development in recent years brings indications that the future of the world are on the down edge of the environment. Global warming is a reflection of the unsynchronized development of science and technology with the human awareness of the environment on moral and ethical level. In order to anticipate this, Universitas Indonesia has an obsession to create an environment-based campus or known as the 'green campus'. As an educational institution with a world-class university perspective, Universitas Indonesia has resources to be the significant other in the surrounding environment. The ecosystem in Universitas Indonesia is lush and green as real concern to the environment inside the campus. This environment is well developed based on supports of many scholars in environment studies and academic board of University of Indonesia.

Based on the allocation of Campus Area Plan, there are four ecosystem components in University of Indonesia, lies in Depok. They are:

  • Physical building and green landscape buffer of 170 ha.
  • Water ecosystem of 30 ha,
  • City forest area of 100 ha, and
  • Supporting facilities and infrastructure, including environment buffer of 12 ha.

City forest, managed by University of Indonesia, has tropical rainforest characteristics with three types of advanced ecosystem, they are:

  • Tree ecosystem from eastern part of Indonesia.
  • Tree ecosystem from western part of Indonesia.
  • JABODETABEK original vegetation complex combined with Jati Mas Forest growing green Rector Building and Faculty of Computer Science and Faculty of Social and Political Science Building.

Aside of of beautiful and comfortable City Forest area, there is also a lake inside Universitas Indonesia Campus in Depok for water absorption area. There are 6 lakes inside the Campus in Depok, which is:

Lake Kenanga
Located between Rector Building and UI Mosque, built in 1992 with 28.000 M2.

Lake Aghatis
Located beteen Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science and Jakarta State Polytehcnic, built in 1995 with 20.000 M2.

Lake Mahoni
Located in North and South campus, bordered with main street of South Boulevard (East of Faculty of Humanities and Faculty of Psychology, west of Faculty of Economics) and built in 1996 with 45.000 M2.

Lake Puspa
Located between Lake Ulin and Lake Mahoni, built in 1995 with 20.00 M2.

Lake Ulin
Located between Lake Puspa and Lake Salam, built in 1998 with 72.000 M2.

Lake Salam
Located in line with the flow from north to south as series of Lake Ulin and Lake Puspa, built in 1998 with 42.000 M2.