Student's Clubs

International students are welcome to join these organizations and actively take part in the activities.

Student Organizations at University Level :

  • University Student Senate (Senat Mahasiswa UI, SMUI)

  • Student Executive Board (Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa, BEM)

  • Student activity units for extracurricular activities in certain interest (arts, sports, study groups, voluntary work, etc.)

Student Organizations at Faculty/Department Level :

  • Faculty Student Representative Body (Badan Perwakilan Mahasiswa, BPM)

  • Faculty Student Senate (Senat Mahasiswa Fakultas, SMF)

  • Departmental Student Association (Himpunan Mahasiswa Jurusan, HMJ)

Student Activity Units

Students Meeting Board (MPM) is the highest student legislative institution at the university level.
The members of the institution are directly nominated by the students, like the appointment of the Chief of Student Executive Board.

Students Executive Board is a new executive board in the university level.
This board needs a lot of suggestions and inputs in term of deeply rooted activities and policies in order to make it work fast, efficiently and effectively.

This unit has function to accommodate various talents and interests of students, and consisting of:

  • Student Regiment UI Batalion "Wira Makara"

As well as their participation in regular training programmes, a member is actively involved in other activities, among others taking care of the entry tests of the state-owned universities, Diploma-3 programmes, polytechnics,

the graduation days and others. To develop the staff members of the corps, Kowala UI conducts some activities in cooperation with relevant institutions, for example, shootings and bomb training (handling techniques) in order to improve awareness of national defense and security.To underpin one of the security factors for the society, Kowala UI members get the first-aid and security and search training. Therefore, the members are expected to help the society to deal with natural disasters or accidents. Equally, the members get outbound training to improve their leadership and managerial skills. Routine activities are run on Sundays or UI holidays.

  • Marching Band "Madah Bahana"

Homepage :

UI Marching Band (MBUI) has performed in various national and international events. MBUI has also won several awards. Some of the national events are as follows: Sister City Sport Events in 1996, the opening of Student Baskeball League (Libama) in 1997, Bimanatara One-Week Sport Events in 1997, the celebration of Cooperative Day Anniversary in 1997, Decoration Car Campaign in 1997, a member of Jakarta Development Campaign in 1997, the Opening Ceremony of Reformation Reflections at the university in 1998,the opening of Jakarta's Great Week in 1998, EPSON Company Profile in 1999, Hamengkubuwono Cup in 1999. The international events that MBUI has taken part are as follows: World Music Contest in Kerkrade in the Netherlands in 1997, Culture Mission in Rotterdam and Den Haag, in the Netherlands and Paris, France in 1997.
Regular practices take place on Sundays from 10 am t0 5 pm at Ui Gymnasium.


  • Symphony Orchestra "Mahawaditra"

UI Mahawaditra Symphony Orchestra, called Mahawaditra meaning "Great Voice", was established on June 11, 1983.
The members of the orchestra are the students, both those who are able to play musical instrument and those who have basic knowledge of learning how to play it.The performances that the orchestra have played are as follows:
Mahawaditra Evening Musical Recitation I in 1997, National Children-Day Concert lively broadcasted by TPI in Jakarta in 1997,Mahawaditra Evening Musical Recitation II in Jakarta in 1998, Optimis Concert celebrating the 15th anniversary of Mahawaditra in 1998,the Opening Ceremony of Mitra Budaya Gallery in cooperation with Ensembel Gita Samitra in 1998.
Regular practices take place on Saturdays, at 2 pm, at Salemba Student Hall.

  • Students Choir "Paragita"

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UI Student Choir (Paragita) was founded on January 13, 1983. The name of Paragita was given by
Prof. Dr. Nugroho Notosusanto (he was the rector, then). It means the great voice. For 18 years, Paragita has gained both nationally and internationally prestigious achievements. Paragita has proved that it is one of the best choirs in Indonesia due to its skillful players who have played classical and modern, traditional and popular music. At the present time, Paragita is under the management of Aning Katamsi A. Some of UI Paragita achievements are as follows: the first winner of Folk Song (1996), the third winner of Choir Competation in International Chorwettbewerb in Miltenberg, Germany, in 1996, and the first winner of Java-Bali ITB Choir Competition in Bandung in 1998. Paragita often conducts single concerts or those with other national and international choirs and orchestras.
It also has performances in various activities, among others conferences, official performances, exhibitions, anniversaries of various institutions, national conferences, wedding parties, as fillers of advertisements, TV programmes, and others. Regular practices take place on Sundays, from 11 am at Salemba Student Hall.


  • Students Dance League "Krida Budaya"

Kriya Budaya UI Student Dance League was established according to the decree of UI Rector dated on February 17, 1983. This is the student organization focusing on regional, contemporary and modern dances. Some of national and international events that this organization has joined are as follows: Student Dance Festival in Padang Panjang in 1996, the Opening Ceremony of National One-week Sports XIV in Jakarta in 1996, Anniversary of Youth Pledge Day in 1996, Student Arts Week (PEKSIMINAS) IV in Bandung in 1997, National Art Festival in Padang Panjang in 1997, Kriya Budaya Care Programme in Graha Bakti Budaya in Jakarta in1998, UNFREL Fund Night at Hotel Indonesia in Jakarta in 1999, Senandung Serumpun Programme in cooperation with TVRI-RTM Malaysia in 1996, Jalinan Nada Programme in cooperation with TVRI-TV Brunai in 1996. There are some achievements this league has got, among others the general best winner, the best of dance arrangement, the best man and woman dancers at National Student Dance Festival in Padang Panjang (ASKI) in 1996, the second winners of Student Arts Week (PEKSIMINAS) IV and Batavia Modern Art Festival in 1998, and the first winner of new-student Art Festival Regional A In Padang in 1998.
Routine practices take place on Sundays, at 11 am at Salemba Student Hall.

  • Student Theatre

UI Theatre originally was an idea of three students of UI Student Senate 1994/1995. They were Bagus H (chief of the organization), Aryo (Arts Coordinator) and B.C. Rikrik Rizkiana ( a member of Environment and Society Development Commission), aiming at channeling theatrical interests of the students who have not joined the theatres in several faculties. UI Theatre has performed several theatrical activities, among others the performances of Syndrome Thekananimus Bhatinicus at Faculty of Law, UI, of Bayang-bayang (shadows) at IPB Bogor, of Sidi Potat (A Great Man, taken from Misbach Yuarin's) at DKI Jakarta Student Theatre Arts Week, of ADUH, taken from Putu Wijaya's at DKI Jaya Student Theatre Festival at Luwes_IKJ and Arena-IKJ, a one-day UI theatre seminar of "Women on Screen" at Centre for Japanese Studies, Facultyu of Letyters, of Campus Tour at several faculties, UI Theatre Member Workshop at Cipanas, Member of ASEAN Theatre Festival in Brunai Darussalam in 1997 with the title of "Topeng" (Mask) by Ikranagara. Its achievements are as follows: the first winners of DKI Jakarta Student Theatre Festival in 1995 and of National Student Arts Week in 1995.Routine practices are on Sundays, at 11:00 at Salemba Student Hall.



Homepage :

Secretariat: Floor 1 Pusgiwa UI Depok.

MAPALA UI was officially established on 12 December 1964. This organization, initially called MAPALA Prajnaparamita, was the student association loving environment of the Faculty of Letters, Universitas Indonesia. It has 600 members. This number is considered to have few ones compared to its age, 36 years old. Besides routine activities,
there are many activities MAPALA has done, among others:

  • Snowy mountain climbing : Expeditions of Watu Lingga Hiking in Esat Java in 1996, of Bampapung Expedition (Women Team)
    in South Sulawesi in 1997, of Lawe Slope in Central Java in 1998.
  • Rafting Expeditions of Batang Merangin River in Jambi in 1996, and of Cibareno River in West Java in 1998
  • Trace Expeditions of Wonogiri Karst Cave in Central Java, and of Tasikmalaya Karst in 1998
  • Bali Diving Expedition in 1996, and Wallace Operation in 1997
  • Ujung Kulon Environmental Observation in 1996, Centre for Kalimantan Forestry Fire, Tandjung Putting National Garden in
    Central Kalimantan, and Kutai National Garden in East Kalimantan (in cooperation with Konphalindo in 1997 and 1998),
    UI city forest (in cooperation with Kehati in 1998-1999)
  • Study Group "Eka Prasetya"

Homepage :

Secretariat: Floor II Pusgiwa UI, Depok.

Eka Prasetya UI Student Study Club (KSM UI-EP), set up on 30 June 1983 according to Rector Decree
No. 051/SK/R/UI/1983, is a university student activity unit helping the students to improve their academic discussion skills

Some KSM UI_EP activities are as follows:

  • Writing and research courses for its members
  • Delegating the members to attend seminars conducted by UI or other institutions
  • Conducting yearly training of Public Relation
  • Publishing the "Dialektika" bulletin as a means for the members to write articles and of communication among the members
  • Doing yearly social research in cooperation with DKI Local Government


  • English Debating Society

Secretariat: Pusgiwa UI, Depok, 1st Floor

Homepage :

Founded on 5 May 1998, as one of the youngest students activities in University of Indonesia. They have got some achievements such as:

  • 2nd Best New team and 2nd Best Speaker in IV Asian Intervarsity Debating
  • Championship in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 1999
  • Rank 85 and rank 90 in World Universities Debating Championship in Ateneo de Manila University, Philippine, 1998
  • Champion and Runner Up of ALSA Englsih Competition in University of Indonesia, 1998
  • Champion and 1st Best Speaker on 1st Indonesian Varsities English Debate in University of Indonesia, 1998
  • Semi finalist and quarter finalist of 2nd Java Overland Intervarsity Debating Championship in Parahiyangan Catholic University Championship, 1999
  • 3rd place of Bandung English Debate Competition in Pajajaran University, Bandung, 1999

Routine activities are conducted on Wednesdays from 3:30 pm and On Saturdays from 9:30 pm.


  • Voice of UI Students

Secretariat: 2nd Floor, Pusgiwa, UI


UI student magazine "Suara Mahasiswa", set up on 27 June 1992, is a university activity unit focusing on the publication managed by the students. The magazine contains both UI-related news and other university sources.
Other activities are photo exhibitions and seminars , among others:

  • "Saksi Seputar Aksi" Photo Exhibition on photography and discussions on press freedom in Indonesia at Bentara Budaya, Jakarta.
  • A participant of "Saksi Seputar Saksi" Photo Exhibition in cooperation with Sanata Dharma University at Purna Budaya, Yogyakarta.
  • Seminar on Sex Freedom at Mass Media: A Neglected Agenda, at AJB FISIP-UI room, Depok.
  • Indonesia-Australia Student Conference, conducted at UI Conference Building (Balai Sidang UI) in Depok.

Salam UI

Secretariat: 1st Floor, Pusgiwa UI Building, Depok


"Salam" UI was set up due to the fact that UI Moslem students need an organization to independently do
Islam-oriented student activities to strengthen Islamic solidarity at the university level. A model programme
conducted by this organization is Salam in Action 1999/2000.


Tae Kwon Do

Secretariat: 1st Floor, Pusgiwa UI, Depok

Telp.: (62-21)7270201, Fax.: (62-21) 7270017 (via Assistant to the Rector for Student Affairs)

UI Tae kwon Do actively participates in various university championships and has got achievements,
for example a bronze medal in the women light feather class at the 1996 Java-Bali championship the best team and
favourite athletes at JABOTABEK championship conducted by IKIP Jakarta (recently named Jakarta State-owned University)

Sin Lam Ba

UI Sin Lam Ba Traditional Martial Art has got a complete curriculum as a greeting of the institution for those who intend toimprove their skills, some of which are reading Qur'an, self-defense, inner power, weapon-resistance,
fighting, breaking hard materials, medical treatments, and physical movements.Routine activities take place every Sundays at Balairung of the University of Indonesia, from 8am to 1pm.


PPS Betako Merpati Putih

The Student Activity Unit of Betako Merpati Putih Traditional Martial Arts joined the championship of the Central Jakarta Merpati Putih Training Group III took place at the Balairung of the University of Indonesia. In the championship, the UI Training Group consisting of 12 athletes became the general champion winning 4 gold medals,
4 silver medals, and 2 bronze medals both from Wiralaga (free style championships according to IPSI -Association of Traditional Martial Arts) grouped according to the heavy weight and certain level) and the stamina and power branch. The championship covered those of breaking hard materials, such as concrete, dragon, screwdrivers, iron bar, etc. Maria Fatma, one of the UI training group members, succeeded in becoming the best of the Central Jakarta athlete.

Routine activities take place every Tuesday and Saturday, from 4pm to 6pm in the south wing of the Balairung of UI Depok campus.

Paguyuban Bangau Putih

Paguyuban Bangau Putih is an association of those who like traditional Martial arts on the basis of spirit and loyalty among the members of the group. This has beautiful and flexible physical movements and styles, following the elements of the nature. These have very strong power which can cure various diseases,
for example asthma, hemorrhoids, eyes, kidneys, heart, etc. PGB Bangau Putih physically and mentally trains its members.In term of championships, this unit has been active in both internal and external events,. In addition, it has represented UI and the branch of the organization in the same events.Routine activities take place on Thursdays and Sundays at the Faculty of Law, from 4pm to 6pm.


The Association of Indonesian Kempo

The routine activities of this student unit are conducted 3 times a week, on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays by the lake near Balairung from 4pm to 6pm. Besides, once in a month, this unit joins Gasami, meaning a Do-Jo joint training with others. This programme takes place at the Kempo training centre in Pondok Gede. Gasami also conducts evaluation to measure the progress. The registration is conducted every time the practice takes place. This registration is accepted at the beginning of each semester. The rewards that Do-Jo UI has got are as follows: one bronze medal for the individual Randori at the Jabotabek Do-Jo Championship in 1997,as the Grand Champion of Group Randori, 1 silver for the individual Randori of National Student Championship in 1997, the Second and Third Winners for Kyu II Individual Randori Championship in Jakarta 1998, I silver for individual Randori, 1 silver for Man-double Embu and 1 bronze for Man Groups at Local Tempo Championship, DKI Jakarta XX/1998 in 1998.

Perisai Diri

Besides regular practices, other activities conducted are as follows gladian, programmes of expression of gratitude of God's blessing, attending local, national and international championships conducted to improve the feelings of togetherness and the quality of each member.

Perisai Diri UI has obtained various local, national and international achievements, among other: 1 silver medal at
National University-level Self-defense Championship conducted at Surabaya Airlangga University in 1997.Routine practices are conducted on Mondays and Thursday, starting at 16:00, and on Saturdays at 08:00 at Balairung UI Depok.


Institute Karate Do Indonesia

INKAI-UI, one of the self-defense institutes, was established on 25 April 1972. However, it was officially opened and legalized on 24 April 1982 in Jakarta. It became one of the UI student activity units after the issue of the UI Rector Decree No. 070/SK/R/UI 1987.The members of the institute are from both UI and non-UI organizations. The routine practices are conducted at UI
Student Activity Centre Building and UI Balairung building in Depok.

Badminton Association

UI Badminton Association was established on 25 January 1990 with the Rector Decree No. 031/SK/R/UI/1990,
due to the success of UI Badminton Association at TIG XIX. This aims at providing facilities and developing badminton potential of the students.

PBUI has achieved the following success:

  • The first winner of woman groups, the first and second winners of the woman single, the first and second winners of the woman
    double and the third of the man group at TIG XXI in Hong Kong.
  • The second winner of the woman group and the third of the man group at DKI Jakarta Student One-week Sports Championship in 1996.
  • A three-time week routine activity is conducted on Mondays and Wednesdays at 14:00, and on Saturdays at 08:00 at UI Depok Gymnasium.


UI Hockey Association

PHUI was established in 1987. This took place due to the fact that those students who like this sport had an idea
to have a relevant institute for them.


  • The first winner of VASE ISCI in 1996
  • The second winner of HRISTN in 1997
  • 3rd Place for Plate ISCI 1995
  • 2nd Place for TIG XX Kuala Lumpur


  • Runner Up for HR ISTN 1997
  • Champion for VASE ISCI 1996
  • 3rd Place for HRPT ITB Bandung, 1996
  • 3rd Place for Maesa Cup 1996
  • Runner Up for PIOMDA 1996
  • 3rd Place IHT UI 1996.

Practicing Day : Every Monday and Wednesday starting from 16.00 at Depok Gymnasium


Volley Ball Association

The establishment of UI Volley Ball Association is meant to provide facilities and as a means to develop the students' interests and potential in playing volley ball. This is open for all UI students.Routine activities are conducted every Thursday and Sunday starting from 16:00 at UI Depok Gymnasium.

Tennis Association

The routine practices of this student activity unit take place on Saturdays, starting from 17:00. The unit sometimes conducts practices both among the UI students and those with other university students.

Ping Pong Association

This unit was established on 7 December 1999, a month after TIG XIX had taken place. The championships attended by the association are as follows: Open University Ping Pong Championship in 1989, Indonesia Student Ping Pong Invitation in 1990 in Yogyakarta, DKI Jakarta University Ping Pong Championship in 1990.Routine practices are conducted on Fridays, starting from 16:00 at UI Depok Pusgiwa (Student Activity Centre) Building.


Basket Ball Association

This unit is aimed at providing the facilities and as a means for those students who have the interests of playing basket ball.

The achievements are:

  • The fourth winner of Indonesia Student League in 1887
  • The first winners for men and women at TIG XXII in Singapore
  • The first winner of the Women Medals of Indonesia Menpora (Ministry of Youths and Sports) Championship in 1998.
  • The second winners of Man and Woman Groups of Soekarno Championship in 1998

Student Football Association (PSM-UI)

Originally PSM-UI was set up to provide a means for those students of the University of Indonesia who like playing foot ball and to form the team to face the student foot ball league championship in the early 1980s.Routine practices take place every Wednesday and Friday, starting from 4pm at UI Foot Ball Stadium.