This permanent professor (IV/d) and a civil servant at Faculty of Humanities Universitas Indonesia was born in Tabanan, Bali, 19 February 1950. He was the first Doctor of Japanese studies in Indonesia (1982) and the first Professor of Japanese History in Indonesia (1995).

He was graduated in 1976 gaining his Bachelor of Literature degree, Japanese Major UI. He continued his study in Osaka University for Foreign Studies, Japan, (1976). He got his Master of Sociology degree in Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo (1979), finishing his Doctoral program in the same university majoring in History of Japanese Political Ideology, and his dissertation exam in  Universitas Indonesia, entitled “Yoshino Sakuzo and Taisho Democracy” (1982).

Here are some of short education that he had followed, Research Fellow: Soka University, Japan, (1993); Japan International Cooperation Agency and University of Tokyo, (December 1997-January 1998); Osaka Museum of Ethnology, (July, 1986); National Awareness Training (Tarpadnas Angkatan XIII, 1991); Certificate V/AA Education, (1993), FSUI, Depok.

He also has some experiences in organizational leadership such as: The Head of Japanese Department, UI, (1983-1989), Secretary of East Asian Department, FSUI, (1985-1989), Pembantu Dekan III FSUI, (1989-1992), and (1992 -1996). The Head of Japanese Language and Literature Department Darma Persada University, 1986-1992, Dean Assistant I, Darma Persada University, (1992-1996), Head of Japanese Department, Universitas Bina Nusantara, (2001-2004), Head of Department of History FIB-UI (Mei 2005-September 2007),  and since November 2007 as the Corporate Secretary of Universitas Indonesia.

He also has some experiences in non-structural leadership: The Chairman of The Academic Senate FIB-UI, (April, 2004-2007), member of The Board of Trustees UI, (2001-2006, 2006-2007), member of The Academic Senate UI (2001-2006), Chairman of Commission III Academic Senate UI, (2003-2006), The Chairman of Commission II, Academic Senate UI, (2006-2007) Member of The Board of Professors UI (1995-sekarang).
Books and scientific works that he has written are: History of Japanese Democracy Movement, (1984), The Meaning of Meiji Modernization for Indonesian Development, (1990), Modern Japanese Language, (1986, 5 times reprinted), Yoshino Sakuzo The Democrate, The Persistent Challenger of Japanese Anarchism, Communism, and Military (1995), The Introduction of Japanese History I (1988), The Introduction of Japanese History II (2001), The Relation Between Japanese Work Ethics and Management (1999), “Pisowanan Ageng and Japanese Culture Paradigm,”  in the book: Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X: PISOWANAN AGENG A Dialogue, (2003), Japanese Decentralization in The Perspective of Indonesian Decentralization, (2005), History of Korea I (translated, FIB, 2006) Some of his research activities are: Research Guest in LIPI, (Jakarta,1985-1986), Research On  World History Textbook, (Depdikbud, 1985-1986), Japanese Politics Reform (Universitas Soka, Jepang, 1993), LDP Research (Japanese Study Center UI, JICA and Universitas Tokyo, 1998-2001), Research On Japanese Comic Translation in Indonesia (The Toyota Foundation, Tokyo, 2003), Research On Comparison Between Japanese Democracy Under Meiji Constitution and Indonesian Democracy Under UUD 1945 (2004), Research On History of Indonesia-Japan Relation During 1950-1965, (Department of Culture and Tourism, Directorate of History 2004), Research On Subject of Japanese Studies Favored by Students of Japanese Department in Indonesia based on Undergraduate Thesis Topics They Write: Darma Persada University, (2005).

Here are some of papers, symposiums, national, and international seminar that he attended, “Reflecting 30 Years (1970-2000) of Indonesia-Japan Relationship” (Nikko Hotel, 24 July 2003), “My Experience as a Foreign Student in Japan” New Perspective on Asia Epistemologies: Japan, Asia-Europe Institute, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, 22-24 September 2003), “Globalization, Localization, and Japanese Studies in The Asia-Pacific Region” University of Sydney, 10-13 November 2003), “Globalization, Localization and Japanese Studies in the Asia-Pacific Region”, (National University of Singapore, 28-31 October 2004), Indonesian International Tourism Market Deepening for Japan Region, (Department of Culture and Tourism, Republic of Indonesia, Jakarta, 18 July 2005). Globalization, Localization and Japanese Studies in Asia Pacific, (Chinese University of Hong Kong, 30 September-4 October 2005). Globalization and New Trend of Japanese Studies in Asia-Pacific, (Japanese Study Center UI,21-23, July 2005), “Globalism, Localism, and Language Teaching in the Perspective of Asian Cultural Dynamic in Asia”, (FIB-UI, Depok, 12 January 2006). “The Spirit Dimension of Indonesian During and After Japanese Military Occupation 1942-1945” A Comparative Studies, (Hankuk University South Korea, June 2006).

He also won some awards such as: The 3rd Champion of UI Best Research, in the field of Social-Humanities, February 1989, Charter from: Soka University, 14 January 1998, Japan International Cooperation Agency, Japan (JICA), Tokyo, Japan, 23 January 1998, Satyalancana Karya Satya for 30 Years, (2 May 2008)
Subjects that he has taught: The Introduction of Japanese History, Translation Theories, History of Modern Japan, History of Japanese Ideologies, Historical Methods, T-3 Network, Japanese Language, History of Korea, Organizational Culture, Dissertation Advisor for Japanese and Korean Studies (Promoter and Co-promoter).