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UI is the Champion of INAICTA 2008

Posted by admin on 2009-01-01 11:12:16

Arief Yahya, Enterprise & Wholesale Director of PT Telkom, gave the UI rector a trophy and prizes to the winner of Indonesia ICT Award (INAICTA) 2008. UI win first prize for the Best Content and Application, and the second prize for Best Access and Connectivity. The prize and trophy was accepted by the UI rector, Prof.Dr.der.Soz. Gumilar Rusliwa Somantri.



The simple ceremony was held in the Academic Administration Center (PAU UI) on Wednesday, (8/13/08). 2008 INAICTA which organized by the Department of Communication and Telecommunication (Depkominfo) and the main sponsor was PT telkom, were series of events involving innovation technology, for instance, championship for the latest innovation in the information technology and communication, seminar, workshop, exhibition, and business matching program.

The series of event were started on March to August 7-8, 2008. The second procurement of the event was entitled “National Awakening through Digital Creativity”. There were 10 categories and 10 sub-categories in 2008 INAICTA, which followed by 647 participants. Some of those categories were -government, e-Business (corporate, UKM, E-health), e-Education, e-Entertainment (game & animation), e-Tourism & e-Culture, Tools & Infrastructure, Research & Development, Student Project (SD, SMP, SMA, Universities), Robot (SD, SMP, SMA, General), Smart Campus.