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Indonesian National Nurses Executives Association Inauguration

Posted by admin on 2010-07-19 11:24:30

Located at Ojoradirat Auditorium Faculty of Nursing, Universitas Indonesia (FIK UI) on Friday, June 7, the inauguration of Indonesian National Nurses Executive Association (PP.PPNI) for period 2010-2015 was held. The event was attended by regions representatives, such as: Lampung, Banten, Central Java, East Java, West Java and some other areas that listened aspirations and as a bridge between central and local administrators as the pioneer regionalization development program. Dewi Irawaty, MA., PhD, as Dean of FIK UI conveys her belief that employee of 2010-2015 will be running successful and responsible for next five years employee.

There are also executive chart which are: Dewi Irawaty, MA., PhD, as chairman of PP. PPNI, (1st Chairman), Dra. Junaiti Sahar, Ph.D., (2nd Chairman), Rita Sekarsari, SKP., MHSM., (Secretary): Harif Fadhillah, SKP., SH, (1st Secretary) Yeni Rustina, Ph.D., (2nd Secretary) Yupi Supartini, SKP ., MSc, (General Treasurer) Netty Sofyan, SKM., M. Kes. (1st Treasurer) Ruti Nubi, SKM, (2nd Treasurer) Rasmanawati, SKp., MM.

Handing over and PP. PPNI executive inauguration which falls on Friday was define as accidental, and as God's plan for us to absorb Friday as a blessings to the new executive this period said Dewi in her speech as new chairman.

The moves she did in the next five years are to promote executive performance in order to be more optimal and build kinship because she thinks this executive is a huge mandate. (RZQ/PRA)