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UI rank Top 100 in Asia Webometrics

Posted by admin on 2010-07-30 10:19:02

Universitas Indonesia (UI), along with three higher educations (PT) in Indonesia entered top 100 ranks from top Asian universities according to released version of Webometric ranking on July 2010. According to survey, UI rank 84th for Asia and 789th for world level. The rank was based on performance or college popularity in virtual world, including use of Internet technology as a medium of college information or publication. Webometrics rating domain website by measuring an institution based on several criteria, which are: visibility (weight 50%), web page size or number of captured pages search sites (20%),  number of files of documents (15%), number of papers on Google Scholar (15%) if compared to UI in January 2010 ranked 815th position, clearly UI ratings improved significantly. This proves that UI continues its hard work to improve information quality obtained from website.

However, uniquely, webometric rating was only discussed in Indonesia. This was revealed by Head of Information Systems Service Center (PPSI), Prof. Dr. Ir. Riri Fitri Sari M.Sc., M.M. She was met in her office in 7 floor, University Center of Academic (PAU) Building on Wednesday, July 21. Riri mentioned that reason why this issue is discussed because many universities in Indonesia began to be connected with Internet network. "The government is targeting universities in Indonesia to submit as World Class University, which also contributed," he said.

Still according to Riri, Webometric rank did not represent actual work done by university because when doing the assessment, Webometric never asked for any data from concerned university. "They just check through Google search engine in the last six months," said Riri. Webometric did not view from universities ranking, but from material accessed on university through web. Nevertheless, this professor in computer science still thinks positively and thinks that Webometric ranking system is force people to write on web and how to provide information in cyberspace. Another benefit obtained by providing images to the PPSI UI to always remain flexible to better themselves. Riri mention some websites which are provided by UI to academic, which are:,, and webmail UI located at On this occasion, this woman who had won Chevening award reminded all UI faculties to use webmail when sending scientific papers. "Because, if they still use another e-mail address such as Yahoo or Gmail, then Webometric will be scan and considered it nothing to do with UI," he said.

Riri did not turn a blind eye to lecturer’s complaints who said that UI webmail is slow and limited storage capacity. Therefore, she suggested professors to write e-mail to, if it requires more capacity than the provided 1GB. Additional storage capacity is not charged. She expected from now, UI need to promote UI academics to use webmail as their identification in science papers and anything related to academicians. "If each individual start using webmail, then institution was also going through same thing and information which was organized by university will also be the better, especially in research," she said. Thus, UI academicians contribute to raise university rating where they teach. UI also created its own ranking, entitled UI Green Metric. This ranking is used as a gift to university which raises awareness on energy and climate change policy by questions list.

UI has spread invitations to the 1000 universities all over the world and they respond positively it. Webometric is that there is a web ranking in all universities in the world conducted by Spain's largest research institute called CSIC (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas) , which is chaired by Isidro F. Aguillo Cano. On April 16, 2009, UI honoris causa team with various considerations give a doctorate honoris causa to Isidro, despite he has changed the world by forcing people to improve their websites, providing all information to be accessed for free in cyberspace. (SNT/PRA)