Oil Mafia, Myth vs. Reality

Posted by admin on 2009-01-01 15:21:43

Master degree Program of Faculty of Economics (MM FE UI) held a seminar, “Mafia Minyak, Mitos versus Realita”, Oil Mafia, Myth vs. Reality, on Monday afternoon (21/07) in Auditorium of FEUI, Campus UI Depok. The keynote speakers were Ary Sumarno, Chief Director of Pertamina, and Kwik Kian Gie, and an economic observer. Bambang PS Brodjonegoro was the discusser, and Rhenald Kasali as the moderator. It was a very dynamic seminar since many sharp statements and questions came into surface and made the discussion hot. Yet, it was still a friendly and warm discussion.

Training of International Monitoring and Evaluation of Maternal and Neonatal Health Programmes

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Director of research and Public Service (DRPM), Bachtiar Alam, representing the Rector of Universitas Indonesia (UI) Gumilar Rusliwa Somantri, opened the international training of Monitoring and Evaluation of Maternal and Neonatal Program on Monday (30/6) in FKM UI. The training would be held between June 30 Juni-July 16 2008 in Bumi Wiyata Hotel, Depok. The activity was organized by Pusat Penelitian Keluarga Sejahtera Fakultas Kesehatan Masyarakat Universitas Indonesia (PUSKA-FKMUI).

43th Anniversary of FKM

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Faculty of Public Health Universitas Indonesia (FKM UI) commemorate its 43th anniversary by organizing an event entitled “Building the Caring FKM”, on Tuesday morning (01/07) in Lobby of Building A FKM Campus UI Depok. Several activities also presented in this event to show their concern toward the environment, society, and quality of the education.

Cooperation between Universitas Indonesia and University of Sydney

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The Presidency of Universitas Indonesia (UI) accomplished the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with University of Sydney in Meeting Room A 2nd floor of Deanship UI on Friday (04/07). The meeting was also attended by the officials of faculty and the presidency of Universitas Indonesia and delegation of university of Sidney. It was started at 09.00 WIB with the showing of the universities’ profile CD.  The signing itself was held at 09.10 WIB by the Rector of UI, Prof. Dr. der Soz Gumilar Rusliwa Somantri, and the Vice Rector of University of Sydney, Prof. Gavin Brown AO.

Registration Facility for Freshmen 2008

Posted by admin on 2009-01-01 14:52:36

For the freshmen registration 2008, BNI provided a bus as the mobile unit, in which the payment system used was host to host. The aim of this mobile bank was to facilitate the freshmen to pay BOP and UP. Besides, inside the bus, we could also find ATM, customer service, and teller. “This mobile bank is the initiative of BNI”, said Harris Rinaldi, from the Marketing Division of BNI UI Depok.

Erna Karim’s Doctoral Dissertation Defence

Posted by admin on 2009-01-01 14:50:07

Erna Karim (54), the lecturer of Sociology Department of Faculty of Social Sciences and Politics Universitas Indonesia (FISIP UI), succeeded in gaining her doctor of sociology title with a cum laude judicium after being able in defending her dissertation from the juries’ rebuttal in an open court of UI Academic Senate on Saturday morning (12/07) in AJB Bumiputera Building, FISIP Campus Depok.

2008 Astra Days

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PT. Astra International Tbk cooperated with the Career Development Center Universitas Indonesia (CDC UI) held Astra Days which entitled “Expanding Horizons Embracing Change”. The event was held on Wednesday to Thursday (July 23-24, 2008) in the UI Balairung, Depok. In the series of opening events, the representative from Astra gave a rare tree symbolically to Universitas Indonesia in program “Go Green with Astra”. This program was the plant-a-tree program around campus that existed for the collaboration between UI and Astra.

Fasilkom Had Three New Doctors

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Faculty of Computer Science of Universitas Indonesia had three new doctors in July, after all three of them defended on their dissertation from the assessor team on the doctoral promotion test in an open session of UI Senate in Depok. With the graduation of the three new doctors, Fasilkom had 13 doctors in total. Benny Ranti (46), proposed a dissertation entitled “Identification of the Benefit of Information/Technological System through the Hermeneutics: Cases in Indonesia”. The promoter of the dissertation was Prof. Belawati Widjaja, PhD, with the co-promoter Drs.Widijanto S. Nugroho, PhD and Drs. Bobby A.A. Nazief, MSc.,Ph.D. The assessor team was Prof.Dr.Ir. Aniati Murni, MSc, Prof. Roy Sembel, Ph.D, Riga Adiwoso, PhD dan Ir. Zainal A. Hasibuan, M.LS, PhD.

New Doctors from Faculty of Law

Posted by admin on 2009-01-01 14:11:36

Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia (FH UI) graduated Muntoha and Barita Simanjuntak as the Doctors in the Faculty of Law after the assessor team made an open session lead by UI Senate on Saturday (7/26) in the Auditorium Djokosoetono Faculty of Law University of Indonesia, Depok. Muntoha (44), lecturer in he Faculty of Law UII Yogyakarta proposed a dissertation entitled “Local Autonomy and the Development of the Local Regulation Based on Islamic Syariah”.

Psychology Expo 2008

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Faculty of Psychology of Universitas Indonesia (F.Psi UI) held a Psychology Expo on Friday to Saturday (July 25-26 2008) in the Building H FPsi UI. The theme of this event was “Green Psychology: Bring Back the Harmony between Human’s Life and the Environment”. The goal of this event was to revise human perspective and behavior towards the planet we live, earth.

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