Psychology KP Dance Cultural Mission

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Introducing Indonesian culture can be done by various media, one of them through dance. That's what Kencana Pradipa (KP) Dance Club from Faculty of Psychology Universitas Indonesia (FPSI UI) did on Sunday night, June 20. This dance club which established since 2006, held a dance performance at Nyi Ageng Serang Building, Kuningan, South Jakarta as a farewell event to all families and friends, because on June 29, they will fly to Europe to introduce Indonesian culture to international world.

Musfirah Cahya Fajrah Toana Doctoral Promotions

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Musfirah Cahya Fajrah Toana succeeds to become a Doctor in Materials Science with yudisium "very satisfactory" predicate. Dr. Musfirah successfully defended her dissertation titled: “Sintesa Karbon Nanopori dari bahan Silikon Karbida Politipe 6H-SIC” ("Nanopori Carbon Synthesis from Silicon Carbide materials Politipe 6H-SIC") in an open Doctoral exam hearing on Wednesday, June 23, which began at 11 am to 13 pm at BSM building Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science Universitas Indonesia (FMIPA UI), Depok campus. The hearing was led by Dr. Adi Basukriadi, M.Sc. and examination member team consisted of: Dr. Bambang Soegijono, Dr. Muhammad Hikam, Dr. Azwar Manaf, M. Met, Dr. Budhy Kurniawan, Dr. Nofrijon, and Prof. Dr. Ir. D.N. Adnyana, APU. "This is not the end of the journey. Precisely this is the beginning of Miss Musfirah struggle," said one of the examination team."We hope that Miss Musfirah become a shining pearl in this field." Dr. Musfirah said her reason why she chooses that theme because of the limitations in liquid material, such as corrosion, limited volume, and less durable.


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Alumni Association Faculty of Humanities Universitas Indonesia (ILUNI FIB UI) held: Pijar Budaya: “Budaya untuk Semua” (Culture Radiant: "Culture for All") on Saturday, June 19, in FIB UI Depok campus. This event was an extravagant show and as a communication place between FIB UI families, both alumni and active students.

UI Cooperation with Bank CIMB Niaga Tbk

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Universitas Indonesia (UI) students has the ease in tuition fees payment, because increased of one more bank which serve host to host real time on time. On Wednesday morning, June 16, officially UI cooperate with Bank CIMB Niaga in tuition fee payment online terms. Located on the second floor of Central Administration Building University (PAU), this cooperation signing was attended by PT CIMB Niaga Tbk President Director Arwin Rashid, UI President, Prof. Dr. der. Soz Gumilar Rusliwa Somantri, CIMB Niaga Business Bank Director, Handoyo Subali, Vice Rector in HRD, Finance and Public Administration, Dr. Ak. Tafsir Nurchamid, M. Si, and UI Alumni Relations Director Drs. Ari Susilo, M. Sc.

FE Students Won 2010 Nets

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After presentation and question and answer session in front of the jury, Faculty of Economics Universitas Indonesia (FE UI) students won a Scientific Paper Competition (LKTI) 2010 National Economics Events (Nets) held by Economics Development Studies Student Association Faculty of Economics, University of General Sudirman (FE Unsoed) Purwokerto Central Java, which was announced on 15 June.

A Night in Mega Mendung

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Universitas Indonesia (UI) President, Prof. Dr. der. Soz Gumilar Rusliwa Somantri invited 36 UI students’ participants Indonesian Leadership Development Program (ILDP) to his villa in the Mega Mendung, Puncak, Bogor. All night, June 11, they had a discussion and listen to "lectures" given by the president. In the morning, all participants did recreational activities and sports with the community around Mega Mendung. This is unexpected and very memorable for ILDP participants. The departure from UI rectorate used UI yellow bus and two private cars, ILDP participants and committee left at 4 pm. Although one committee’s car lost its way, all the entourage arrived safely. After arrived at the villa, the event began. Accompanied with snacks, two hours Mr. Gumilar told his childhood stories until he studied in Germany.

Indonesia Malaysia Microwave Antennas Conference (IMMAC 2010)

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Indonesian IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), part of Microwave Theory and Techniques, Antennas and Propagation and Malaysian IEEE working groups held “2010 Indonesia - Malaysia-Antenna Microwave Conference (IMMAC 2010)”, which was held on June 11-12, 2010 at Engineering Center, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia (FT UI), Depok campus.

Entrepreneurship Lecture by Chairul Tanjung

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Universitas Indonesia (UI)’s Conference Hall, on Monday, June 14, in the morning was filled with green shirts students. That day was 2010 UI Young and Smart Entrepreneur Program (YSEP) opening day which began at 10:00 AM. This event organized by the Directorate of Partnership and Business Incubator (DKIB) presents several speakers in the entrepreneurship expert, one of them are Group owners Chairul Tanjung. This event was attended by: Vice Rector for Research, Development, and Industrial Cooperation, Sunardji, SE, MM which represent UI rector, Dean of Faculty of Dentistry (FKG), Prof. drg. Bambang. Irawan, Ph.D., DKIB Director, drh.Wiku Adisasmita M. Sc, Ph.D, President Director of Trans TV, Ishadi SK and participant students in 2010 YSEP  program.

Malaysian Nurses Association visit FKG UI

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Lawatan Persatuan Perawat Gigi Malaysia (Malaysian Dental Nurses Association) held a visit to Faculty of Dentistry, Universitas Indonesia (FKG UI) on Thursday, June 17, 2010. The visit purpose is to see dental nurse operational standards at Tooth and Oral Hospital (RSGM) FKG UI in Salemba, Jakarta Campus. The tour group was greeted by FKG UI Dean Prof. Bambang Irawan, drg, PhD. And also attend by: RSGM UI Director drg. Hari Suharto Sp. Perio, drg. Nathalina Sp. Perio, and drg. Chaidar Sp. Prost (K). Head of group and also Malaysian President of Dental Association is Noraini Jacob.

UI-KAAS International Conference on Asia in the Midst of Global Transformation

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20-22 July, 2010

AJB Bumiputera Hall, Building F, 2nd Floor, FISIP UI Depok Campus, Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia

Organized by Universitas Indonesia (UI) & The Korean Association of Asian Studies (KAAS)


In Association with The Korea Institute for Future Development & Policy (KIFDP)

Sponsored by


  1. Ministry of Public Housing of Republic of Indonesia
  2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Indonesia
  3. Ministry of Education of Republic of Indonesia
  4. Embassy of the Republic of Korea to Indonesia
  5. KORINDO Group, Indonesia



The Conference

Asia has emerged as a pivotal region for global transformation in the spatial organization of political, socio-economic relations and transactions, articulated in intra -or inter- country flows and networks of activity, interaction and power. The conference to be held at the Universitas Indonesia (UI) will provide a valuable opportunity to encourage ‘Asian Knowledge’ and share ‘Asian experience’ on the above fields. To be specific, it has three objectives, viz., (i) To foster exchange of ideas and academic experience in the multi disciplinary fields of Indonesian and Asian studies, (ii) To establish research collaboration between KAAS and UI through academic and cultural exchange, and (iii) To promote interaction among researchers/policy makers of Asian Countries. For the purpose, it will explore some key issues revolving around the aspects of domestic politics, inter-state relationship, historical and social transformation, development with housing, and disaster management in Asia.


Conference Program

Wednesday, July 21:

Session I: Dynamics of Domestic Politics and Democratization

Chair: Prof. Dr. Yang, Seung-Yoon (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)


Paper 1: Prof. Dr. Maswadi Rauf (Universitas Indonesia)

“The Problems of Democratization: A Case of Indonesia”

Paper 2: Prof. Dr. Burhan Djabir Magenda (Universitas Indonesia)

“Executive and Legislative Relation in the Reform Era: In search of the Form of Indonesian Politics”

Paper 3: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Fauzi Abdul Hamid (Universiti Sains Malaysia)

“Democracy and Ethnic Politics in Malaysia in the Post-Mahatir”


Discussant 1: Prof. Dr. Park, Kwang-Seop (Hoseo University)

Discussant 2: Prof. Dr. Mochtar Mas’oed (Gadjah Mada University)

Discussant 3: Dr. Isbodroini Suyanto, MA (Universitas Indonesia)


Session II: Globalization and International Relations

Chair: Dr. Chusnul Mar’iyah (Universitas Indonesia)


Paper 1: Mr. Cecep Hidayat , IMRI (Universitas Indonesia)

“The Impact of Globalization in Indonesia: Political Perspective”

Paper 2: Prof. Dr. Park, Kwang-Seop ( Hoseo University)

“The Arroyo Administration’s Diplomacy towards Major Powers: Focused on the Realities of Diplomacy towards China”

Paper 3: Prof. Dr. Yang, Seung-Yoon (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)

“Indonesia-India Relation in the Era of East Asia (tentative)”

Paper 4: Prof. Dr. Kim, Kyoung Soo (Myongji University)

“The Proliferation Security Initiative: A Paradigm Shift for Nonproliferation?”


Discussant 1: Dr. Ignatius Wibowo (Universitas Indonesia)

Discussant 2: Dr. Makmur Keliat (Universitas Indonesia)

Discussant 3: Dr. Hariyadi Wirawan (Universitas Indonesia)

Discussant 4: Dr. Edy Prasetyono (Universitas Indonesia)


Session III: Historical and Social Transformation in Asia

Chair: Prof. Dr. Park, Kwang-Seop (Hoseo University)


Paper 1: Prof. Dr. Park, Hee (Seowon University)

“Visions of the New Alliance for Hope : East Asia in the Age of Global Economy”

Paper 2: Sri Lestari Wahyuningroem, MA (Universitas Indonesia)

“Prospect of Transitional Justice in Asia"

Paper 3: Prof. Dr. Kim, Sung-Gun (Seowon University)

“The Resurgence of Neo-Pentecostalism and Shamanism in Contemporary Korea”

Paper 4: Dr. Chusnul Mar'iyah (Universitas Indonesia)

“Electoral Gender Quota: Lesson from Indonesia and Argentina”


Discussant 1: Dr. Shahed Khan ((Curtin University of Technology)

Discussant 2: Ifdhal Kasim, SH (Chairman of Indonesia National Commission for Human Rights)

Discussant 3: Dr. Ir. Fu Xie (Universitas Indonesia)

Discussant 4: Ani Soetjipto, MA (Universitas Indonesia)


Session IV: Risk Management in Asia

Chair: Prof. Dr. Burhan Djabir Magenda (Universitas Indonesia)


Paper 1: Prof. Dr. Chae, Kyung-Suk (Hoseo University) David Kelleher (Hoseo University)

“Managing Local Conflicts in the Siting of Nuclear Waste Facilities: International Lessons and Korean Experience”

Paper 2: Prof. Dr. Kuntoro Mangkusubroto (Bandung Institute of Technology)

“Natural Disaster Management in Indonesia: The Case of Tsunami in Aceh and Nias”

Paper 3: Prof. Dr. Kwon, Taeho (Semyung University)

“Natural Disaster Management in Korea: Role of Citizen Corps”

Paper 4: Prof. Dr. Kwon, Jeong-Ho (University of Incheon)

“Risk Management and Life Supporting Systems for the Elderly Living Alone or with a Spouse Only: A Comparative Study between Korea and Japan”


Discussant 1: Prof. Dr.  Kim, Sung-Gun (Seowon University)

Discussant 2: Dr. Jeon, Young-Gap (The Korea Institute for Future Development & Policy)

Discussant 3: Dr. Sugeng Triutomo  (Chief of Mitigation Bureau of the National  Disaster Management Agency)

Discussant 4: Dr. Shahed Khan (Curtin University of Technology)


Session V: Urban Development and Affordable Housing in Asia


Chair: Prof. Dr. Park, Hee (Seowon University)

Paper 1: Dr. Oh, Se-Kyung (Dong-A University) and Mr. Choi, In-Sup (Woo-Shin Engg. Co. Ltd. Korea)

“The improvement of Floor Area Ratio Incentive system in case of Masan Redevelopment Projects”

Paper 2: Dr. Shahed Khan and Mr. N.K. Acwin Dwijendra (Curtin University of Technology)

“Can we afford to neglect cultural appropriateness in providing affordable housing? A review of affordable housing provision in Bali, Indonesia”

Paper  3: Dr. Ranjith Perera (Asian Institute of Technology)

Mechanisms to Promote Rental Housing as an Affordable Option for the Low-income Groups in the Bangkok Metropolitan Area

Paper 4: Prof. Dr. Paulus Wirutomo (Universitas Indonesia)

“Urban Development in Jakarta”


Discussant 1&3: Prof. Dr. Kwon, Taeho (Semyung University)

Discussant 2: Dr. Cosmas Batubara (Universitas Indonesia)

Discussant 4: Prof. Dr. Bambang Shergi Laksmono (Universitas Indonesia)


International Organizing Committee:

- Prof. Park, Kwang-Seop (Hoseo University, Korea)

- Prof. Dr. Park, Hee (Seowon University, Korea)

- Prof. Dr. Kwon, Tae-Ho (Semyung University, Korea)

- Prof. Dr. Maswadi Rauf (Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia)

- Prof. Dr Burhan Djabir Magenda (Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia)

- Dr. Chusnul Mar’iyah (Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia)

- Dr. Valina Singka Subekti (Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia)

- Mr. Cecep Hidayat (Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia)

- Dr. Shahed A. Khan (Curtin University of Technology, Australia)

- Dr. Ahmad Fauzi Abdul Hamid (Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia)

- Dr. Ranjith Perera (Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand)


Local Secretariat (Indonesia):

- Evida Kartini, S.IP, M.Si, Universitas Indonesia, (085813338338)

- Hurriyah, S.IP, IMAS, Universitas Indonesia, (0811916654)

- Ikhsan Darmawan, S.IP, M.Si, Universitas Indonesia,

- Nur Alia Pariwita, S.Sos, Universitas Indonesia,

- Tri Agustina,Universitas Indonesia,



Local Secretariat (Korea):

- Prof. Dr. Kwon, Taeho, Semyung University,

- Dr. Kang, Youngsoon, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies,


More Info

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