President Welcome

Welcome to the Universitas Indonesia!

Our human civilization of today has been characterized by three important aspects. Firstly, we witness the world's demography is in peril. In this regards, the data reveals that the moderate size of earth has been inhabited by 6.5 billion of people and by 2050 will exceed the number of 10 billion. Secondly, the modern world has been developed into the stage of un-imagined circumstances of 'energy hungry'. This world of today consumes energy, mainly un-renewable energies, in the number that put the future global world in the shadow of environmental fiasco. Thirdly, the global economy has been anchored in the huge structure and dynamics of the unreal-derivative economy that in many cases create turbulence and uncertainties.

Universities, today, are uniquely positions to address these global challenges. Following this spirit, Universitas Indonesia (UI) is fully committed to seeks solutions to the century's most pressing global challenges, enhance the education of future leaders and strengthen its academic endeavor. UI is innovative in terms of our own institutions, how we are structured and governed, and how we adapt to global change.

UI is rich in history, academic excellence and contribution to both Indonesian and international society. The key success factors of UI reside in our dedicated faculty and staff, robust student body and internationally well-known researchers. We are very proud to share the quality, breadth, and depth of this University's intellectual resources that create a remarkable community of scholars-from our national and regional leadership in the health sciences, science and technology as well as social sciences.

UI's campus offers remarkably wide-ranging experiences, academic environment, cultures and opportunities. This University shares a deep tradition as well as maintains a high spirit and dynamic of modernization. It is a well-known that UI combines high quality of academic systems with friendly, pleasant and green environment. Our commitment is to work closely with multicultural to pursue the highest achievements for our students, faculty members and society. This is UI's tradition and we continue to grow internationally.

For the upcoming years, UI has gone through a substantial reform to become a modern, a multi-culture and a world-class university. Among the strategic initiatives, UI is fully-committed to internationalization process, increasing commitment to research funding, boost up international academic research publications, and still respecting ecological green-campus. UI also improves its research collaboration with International partners, and looking forward to have more international faculty members and students to join the university.

From this brief welcome statement I hope it is apparent that, whatever your interests, whatever your goals and ambitions, UI has much to offer all who come here an outstanding quality of educational programs, learning and research opportunities, international experiences, and recreational and sporting facilities. It is our belief for the most fundamental principles that all aspects of learning and research at UI will be dedicated to build an active engagement in civil society, enlarge international contribution, the pursuit of sustainability in its social as well as its environmental forms, and commitment to global citizenship.

That is why I believe that the greater we can make, the greater its contribution to the well-being of the world. I offer my warmest welcome to all who join UI and help us to address the many opportunities and challenges that face our local and global communities.


Prof. Dr. der Soz. Gumilar Rusliwa Somantri
President, Universitas Indonesia