UI has more than 400 research-professors conducting academic research and publications in various scientific disciplines as well as thousands of researchers and academic-assistants. UI is a center of excellence of research and knowledge production in Asia. Faculty members conduct scientific and applied research and publish it in various world research journals. UI plays an active role in generating knowledge and innovation that transform global society and environment. Drawn from 12 faculties and 1 graduate school, UI researchers work directly with leading companies and policymakers around the world. They bring that real world and real time knowledge each year into classrooms and more than 100 research centers and initiatives.

As a world class research university, Universitas Indonesia will take the role as a centre of science, technology, and culture and arts. Excellence of the university's researchers has been proven by research product which benefits development of science, public welfare, technological and industrial achievement and engineering, and government policies in social, economical, political and cultural sectors.

As the executive management unit in research and community service sector, DRPM (Directorate on Research and Community Service) been facilitated various research activities and community services conducted by Universitas Indonesia's academicians.

Universitas Indonesia's policies on research are based on MWA (University's Board of Trusteeship) trusteeship, which enacted a road map for period of 2007-2010 about cross- and multidiscipline education, research, and service to the community that will support sustainable development, by focusing on frontier sciences such as Nanoscience and Technology, Gnome Technology, Information and Communication Technology, Policy Studies and Indigenous Studies.