Research Center

  1. Center for Computing and IT (CC IT)
  2. Center for East Asia Cooperation Studies (CEACOS)
  3. Center for Environmental Health and Industrial
  4. Center for Global Civil Society Studies (Pacivis)
  5. Center for Research on
    Intergroup Relations and Conflict Resolution (CERIC)
  6. Center for Excellence Indigenous Biological Resources-Genome Studies (CoE IBR-GS)
  7. Center for Excellence Nano Science and Technology (CoE NST)
  8. Health Research Center for Crisis and Disaster (HRCCD)
  9. Institute of Human Virology and Cancer Biology (IHVCB).
  10. Research Group, Studies and Application of Basic Law Science
  11. Anthropology Laboratory
  12. Political Science Laboratory
  13. Sociology Laboratory/ Center for Sociological Studies
  14. Institute of Demography
  15. Institute for Law and Society Studies
  16. Institute for Law and Technology Studies
  17. Institute for Fiscal Law Studies
  18. Institute for Civil Code Studies
  19. Institute for Islam and Islamic Law Studies
  20. Institute for Competition and Trade Policy Studies
  21. Institute for Capital Market and Financial Studies
  22. Institute for Law Institution Studies
  23. Institute for Sociology of Law and Constitution Studies
  24. Institute for Psychological Research (LPPsi)
  25. Institute for Measurement Instrument and Psychological Education Development (LPSP3)
  26. Institute for Indonesian Formal Law and Judicial System Studies
  27. Institute for International Law Studies
  28. Institute for Economy and Society Studies (LPEM)
  29. Institute for Applied Psychology (LPT)
  30. Institute for Law and Economic Studies
  31. Integrated Laboratory on Endocrinology Science
  32. Centre of Computer Science's (PUSILKOM)
  33. Centre for Area and Urban Studies
  34. Centre for Health Administration and Policy Studies (CHAMPS)
  35. Centre for Anthropology Studies
  36. Centre for Australian Studies
  37. Centre for Disability Studies
  38. Centre for Health Economic and Policy Studies (PKEKK)
  39. Centre for European Studies
  40. Centre for Energy Studies
  41. Centre for International Relation Studies (CIRES)
  42. Center for Law and Good Governance Studies (CLGS)
  43. Centre for Administration Science Studies
  44. Centre for Social Welfare Science Studies
  45. Centre for Social Welfare Studies
  46. Centre for Criminology Studies
  47. Centre for Social and Political Development Studies
  48. Centre for Political Studies (Puskapol)
  49. Centre for Environmental Risk and Safety Studies
  50. Centre for Middle East and Islamic Studies
  51. Centre for American Area Studies
  52. Centre for Applied Geographics Research
  53. Centre for Family Welfare Research (PUSKA & IMPACT)
  54. Centre for Societal and Cultural Research (PPKB)
  55. Centre for Development Institution Research
  56. Centre for Science and Technology Research
  57. Centre for Human and Environmental Resources Research
  58. Centre for Epidemiology and Surveillance Research
  59. Centre for Marine Studies
  60. Centre for Japanese Studies
  61. Centre for Natural Product and Medicine Studies
  62. Centre of Communication Studies
  63. Research Centre for Materials Science